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Both practical and pleasing – polished concrete flooring is the latest design trend

Although we are experts in a variety of flooring, polished concrete has to be our favourite. It’s exciting, innovative and versatile – and we’re only at the start of its market potential as more people become switched on to the benefits it brings.

Polished concrete is not only more efficient in terms of time, money and durability, but it also looks great. You can easily achieve a variety of stunning, shiny or matt effects that will stand the test of time.

As well as being hugely practical, it is also very fashionable (attributes which don’t usually go hand in hand!) so you don’t have to forego style in favour of usability for a change. We’ve recently added several celebrities to our list of clients because they appreciate the unique, bespoke look you can achieve with polished concrete.

While it goes without saying that polished concrete provides the perfect robust, yet impressive, finish in a large warehouse, supermarket or shopping centre, it can add the wow factor to any space – all you need is a little imagination.

The design choices for polished concrete are endless. You can select 28 standard colours or design variations, whether that’s an exposed raw look, or a smooth refined finish. You can even control the light reflection on the surface area by applying different levels of concrete floor polishing.

And if you’re worried that all this must come at a price, worry no more, because polished concrete floors can represent a very cost effective solution. When it comes to installation, you don’t need the usual build-up of layers, so you can save money at the outset. And while different colours and finishes will add expense, you will quickly recoup this because polished concrete is quicker to install, cheaper to maintain and can last more than 100 years.

Maintenance is a simply a case of regular mopping with a specially prepared, concentrated cleaner and conditioning solution and periodical buffing to suit your taste. In return you’ll have a slip resistant, anti-static, dust-free, light reflective and, above all, visually pleasing floor, that will remain in first class condition for decades to come.

Midland Polished Concrete uses the highest quality concrete and installation techniques, based on years of testing and expertise. Call us today to get the wow factor for your flooring.

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