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Underfloor Heating Supply: Pumps & Mixing Sets

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Wet Underfloor Heating Kits by Underfloor Heating Supply Ltd.

Underfloor Heating Control Pack with A rated pump

Underfloor heating pumps play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and effective distribution of warmth throughout your space. At Underfloor Heating Supply, we prioritise the seamless integration of underfloor heating pumps to enhance the overall performance of your heating system.  This can beneficially affect the cost of underfloor heating.

Our range of products includes the Underfloor Heating Supply compact underfloor heating control kit, the Underfloor Heating Control Pump with Grundfos “A” rated pump, and the Heat Pump System Control Pack.

Streamlined Installation for Small Spaces

Our compact underfloor heating control kit is meticulously pre-assembled, featuring a thermostatic blending valve and a high-quality A-rated circulating pump. This kit is designed for the swift and straightforward installation of underfloor heating in areas up to 20m2. With pre-wiring included, the installation process becomes a hassle-free experience.

Precision with A-Rated Efficiency

The heart of this kit lies in its “A” rated circulating pump, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. The prefabricated non-thermostatic design simplifies the connection of the circulating pump, flow, and return connections onto a UFH manifold. This results in a system that not only provides uniform warmth but does so with cost-effective energy consumption.

Controlling the Flow with Underfloor Heating Controls

Efficient underfloor heating requires meticulous control. Our compact kit integrates seamlessly with underfloor heating controls, allowing you to manage the temperature of your space with precision. The synergy between the underfloor heating pump and controls ensures that your system operates at peak performance, offering both comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Power and Reliability in a Kit

Our Underfloor Heating Control Pump with Grundfos “A” rated pump caters to those who seek power and reliability in their heating systems. This compact, prefabricated kit simplifies the connection process of the circulating pump, flow, and return connections onto a UFH manifold. The Grundfos “A” rated pump ensures not only power but also durability, making it a reliable component of your underfloor heating system.

Synergizing Efficiency and Control

The integration of this kit with underfloor heating controls amplifies the efficiency of your heating system. The Grundfos “A” rated pump, known for its energy efficiency, combines seamlessly with the control system, offering you the ability to tailor the warmth of your space according to your needs. This synergy is the key to achieving a comfortable and economical heating solution.

All-in-One Solution for Ultimate Convenience

For those seeking a comprehensive solution, our Heat Pump System Control Pack is designed to meet your needs. This prefabricated non-thermostatic kit ensures a swift and straightforward connection of the circulating pump, flow, and return connections onto a UFH manifold. This all-in-one pack is the epitome of convenience, providing you with the essential components for a robust underfloor heating system.

Improve Efficiency with Heat Pump Technology

The Heat Pump System Control Pack not only simplifies installation but also incorporates heat pump technology for enhanced efficiency. This technology optimises energy usage, making your underfloor heating system not only effective but also environmentally friendly. The pack is a testament to our commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions for modern heating needs.

In conclusion, underfloor heating pumps are the backbone of a well-functioning heating system. At Underfloor Heating Supply, our range of products ensures that you not only have access to high-quality pumps but also the convenience of prefabricated kits for simplified installations. By integrating our products with underfloor heating controls, we empower you to achieve a comfortable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient heating solution for your space. Choose Underfloor Heating Supply for a heating experience that exceeds expectations.

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