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How to Install Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Supply – Our Expert Guide

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It's Easy When You Know How!

  1. Calculate total depth required.
  2. Ensure area is flat and level.
  3. Lay 1200 gauge polythene over the surface.
  4. Lay insulation boards onto the polythene.
  5. Lay 500 gauge polythene over the surface.
  6. Fix compressible foam to perimeter walls and tape all polythene joints.
  7. Lay out grip rails and fix them to the polythene.
  8. Fix grip rails together to create lengths of the room width.
  9. Fix manifold to the wall.
  10. Install underfloor heating pipes using decoiler at the spacing set out in the design.
  11. Press the pipes into the grip rail at the desired correct spacing.
  12. Connect the underfloor heating tails to the manifold.
  13. Set up tripods or markers at the desired finished level of screed.
  14. Check isolation valves and pressurize the system to 5 bar for minimum 1 hour.
  15. Install screed to the correct level and allow to dry.
  16. Connect and commission the heat source to the manifolds.
  17. Run the underfloor heating through a whole cycle before applying floor finishes.
  18. Test the moisture in the screed before installing finishes.

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