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Are polished concrete floors expensive?

As with any product choice, a large part of the decision-making process usually comes down to cost. We are often asked whether polished concrete floors are expensive, so here we’ll explore the question further.

Cost of polished concrete floors

A number of factors can affect the cost of polished concrete, such as the design and type of polished concrete you choose and of course, the area to be covered.

In a standard building, there are typically many layers to a floor, such as a structural base, screed and floor finish. However, polished concrete floors can be used in place of the structural base, the screed and the floor finish and so can actually work out cheaper than a traditional floor build-up.

For example (based on 120m2):

Traditional floor build-up

Structural Base – typically costing £50/m2
Screed Layer – typically costing £20/m2
Floor finish i.e. tile – typically costing £65/m2

Total Cost £135/m2
Polished concrete

Installing, finishing and sealing – typically costing up to £125/m2

Total cost £125/m2

Understanding the cost of polished concrete floors

As we mentioned earlier, a number of factors influence the cost of polished concrete floors:

  • The area of the floor – The cost per square metre usually reduces as the area of floor to be covered increases. A significant proportion of the cost is usually fixed, and smaller surfaces therefore often end up costing more per square metre
  • The addition of a colour – Adding colour to your concrete is an expensive process and will increase the cost of the polished concrete floor
  • The finished look – For example, if you want to expose the aggregates, more diamond tools need to be used and the process is more expensive. Our refined diamond procedure, however, uses minimal grinding and is therefore less costly

Value for money

Regardless of the area to be covered or the type of flooring you ultimately choose, the main benefit of polished concrete from a cost point of view is that it represents extremely good value for money. This is true for a number of reasons:

Long lasting – Concrete is incredibly long-lasting and robust. It can last several decades in all kinds of buildings, from heavy industry to the home, and is therefore considered to be a sound investment in any property.

Durable – Polished concrete floors are extremely tough and can withstand huge amounts of pressure, whether that’s from forklift trucks in a warehouse or high heeled shoes in a hallway. In an industrial setting, polished concrete is the norm. In a domestic setting, it remains unscathed by pets, shoes or furniture.

Low maintenance – When you choose polished concrete, you are investing in something that will look good for as long as possible, without having to spend hours scrubbing, wiping and dusting. Some maintenance is necessary, but these are the cheapest methods possible. The floor may need waxing or buffing every now and again to restore shine in areas of high footfall, but otherwise all it requires is mopping with a neutral cleaning agent.

Professional installation by experts in polished concrete flooring

As a word of warning, polished concrete flooring is only as good as the concrete mix that is laid. Too much water makes it weak and causes it to shrink upon drying, leaving unsightly cracks on the surface. Professional installation is key if you want to take advantage of that value for money.

At Midland Polished Concrete, we have more than 30 years of experience when it comes to professional flooring installations. Our advisors are happy to help if you’d like more information about the cost of polished concrete flooring.

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