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Exploring Different Underfloor Heating Systems

Wet underfloor heating system in a newly constructed house, shown before floor is laid on top.

Underfloor heating systems are a popular choice for homeowners seeking an efficient and comfortable heating solution. With advancements in technology, there are various types of underfloor heating systems available, each with its unique features and benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore different underfloor heating systems, including electric underfloor heating, wet underfloor heating, and retrofit options, along with specialised kits for wooden and tile floors.

Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet underfloor heating systems, also known as hydronic underfloor heating, involves circulating warm water through pipes or tubes beneath the floor. This underfloor heating system is often integrated into the existing central heating system, making it an ideal choice for new constructions or major renovations.

Screed Floor and Suspended Floor Kits:

Underfloor Heating Supply Ltd provides comprehensive wet underfloor heating systems, including screed floor kits and suspended floor kits.The screed floor kit is suitable for new builds or projects with a concrete subfloor. In contrast, the suspended floor kit is designed for spaces with raised or suspended floors, allowing for easy installation, between joists, without major structural changes.

Retrofit Underfloor Heating:

For homeowners looking to upgrade their existing heating system without major disruption, retrofit underfloor heating is a viable option. This type of underfloor heating can be installed on top of the existing floor structure, minimising the need for extensive renovations.

Underfloor Heating Supply Ltd offers retrofit solutions for various scenarios. Whether it’s retrofitting under wooden floors or tiles, their specialised kits ensure a seamless installation process. The retrofit underfloor heating system is an energy-efficient solution that enhances the overall comfort of the living space.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating systems are known for their simplicity and versatility. These systems consist of heating cables or mats installed beneath the floor surface. One significant advantage is their quick response time – electric underfloor heating can reach the desired temperature rapidly, providing on-demand warmth.

Underfloor Heating Supply Ltd offers electric underfloor heating kits tailored for specific applications. The “under wood kits” are designed for wooden floors, ensuring even heat distribution without causing damage to the flooring material. Similarly, the “under tile kits” cater to tiled floors, offering an efficient solution for bathrooms and kitchens.

Underfloor Heating for Wooden Floors:

Wooden floors require careful consideration when selecting an underfloor heating system to prevent damage from temperature variations. Underfloor Heating Supply Ltd addresses this concern with their dedicated “under wood kits.” These kits are designed to work specifically with wooden floors, ensuring optimal performance and longevity without compromising the integrity of the flooring material.

Underfloor Heating for Tile Floors:

Tiles are a common flooring choice in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, where underfloor heating can add a touch of luxury. The “under tile kits” offered by Underfloor Heating Supply Ltd are tailored for tile floors, providing efficient heating without affecting the tiles’ integrity. These kits are designed to evenly distribute heat, creating a warm and cosy environment in tile-floored spaces.

There are many diverse options for underfloor heating.  These cater to a range of needs and preferences. From electric underfloor heating for quick warmth to wet underfloor heating for comprehensive heating solutions, their products cover a wide spectrum. Whether you’re considering retrofitting, installing under wooden floors, or adding warmth to tiled areas, the specialised kits ensure a seamless and efficient heating experience. Embrace the comfort and energy efficiency of underfloor heating, and let Underfloor Heating Supply Ltd guide you through the journey of finding the perfect system for your space.

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