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Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming more common place in homes and businesses across the country as people become increasingly switched on to its long-term benefits over conventional radiator systems.

While it’s long been a must for new-build developments, product advances such as Underfloor Heating Supply’s retrofit solution RETRO18, mean that underfloor heating is now a viable option for all homes.

Although there are a variety of different systems and methods you can choose from, underfloor heating overall has many advantages and it can be similar in price to a convection system.

So whether you’re planning a major home improvement project, or you’re thinking about adding underfloor heating retrospectively, here’s a look at some of the main features you could be benefiting from.

Energy efficiency

Above all its other benefits, underfloor heating is much more energy efficient than conventional radiators. Air is circulated more evenly and consistently with underfloor heating and the floor retains heat much better than radiators. Although there is an initial cost in installing the heating, it will eventually pay for itself in terms of the savings you’ll make on energy and efficiency. In fact, it has been proven that energy savings of anything from 15% to 40% can be achieved.


Rather than just heating air at head height in the vicinity of your radiator, having the whole floor as the heating system means you can maintain a comfortable level of warmth spread evenly throughout the home – and not just by huddling up against the radiator. Underfloor heating is also very quiet, so no annoying banging and ticking as the system heats up or cools down during the night.

Low maintenance

As long as it has been installed correctly, there is little that can go wrong with underfloor heating, saving you lots of time and hassle throughout its lifetime. This means no regular maintenance, no bleeding the system because air has been trapped inside, no changing of rusty radiators and so on.


Imagine what you could do with the rooms in your house if you wasn’t restricted by radiators. Not only could you design the home exactly how you wanted, the rooms would also look much better without cumbersome radiators blocking half the walls. It would also feel much warmer and cosier too.

Health and safety

Underfloor heating has many benefits from a healthy, safety and hygiene point of view. In addition to the obvious benefit of not having large, hot radiators hanging from walls, underfloor heating also helps to minimise the presence of house dust mites. Cold, damp floors provide the perfect ground for these mites, which are problematic for people with asthma and allergies. With underfloor heating, the environment becomes too warm and dry to support dust mites.

Combining hot water

Underfloor Heating Supply systems can be easily combined with heat pumps to provide hot water to your home up to 60˚C, while the floor system is run at a much lower temperature. As a perfect partner to low heat sources, such as heat pumps, you can use underfloor heating to make your heating system much more efficient overall to reduce running costs and environmental impact at the same time.

One stop shop

In addition to all these features, customers who choose Underfloor Heating Supply will also be able to take advantage of our extensive expertise and high quality service when it comes to selecting and installing the right system. This includes an in-house screeding service to bring your floor to the finished level. Many other companies will sub-contract another firm to do the job, but with us, the same team who fit your heating will finish your floor, offering you consistency and peace of mind on the job from start to finish.

As we purchase all our equipment direct from reputable European Manufacturers we can ensure that the best cost & quality is always available to our end-users, we have no middle-men adding their margin and increasing the cost to you.

We can also offer an in house screeding service to bring your floor to the finished level – they are the same crew that fit our underfloor heating and, unlike the majority of other suppliers, they are not an outside sub-contracted Screed Company. We are responsible for the work from start to finish.

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