Thermoguard UFH Control Pack

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Thermoguard UFH Control Pack


A compact prefabricated pack designed to thermostatically control the temperature

of water within an underfloor heating system. The kit includes the thermostatic mixing

valve, an ERP rated 7 metre circulating pump, and a flow manifold connection tee piece

which includes a ½” FBSP tapping that can be used for reading temperatures and

pressures or as a connection point for the UFH Overheat Thermostat.

Features and Benefits

  • The thermostatic unit gives excellent temperature stability particularly when return temperatures and mixed water temperatures are close to equal
  • The system is designed to be fully flexible and can be fitted on either left or right sides of the manifold, with the return at top or bottom
  • The mixing valve will function down to 25°C to ensure that initial warm-up and commissioning can be correctly carried out
  • The side profile of the valve is reduced to allow easy fitting of the pack inside cabinets
  • Features a temperature range from 25°C up to 60°C to cater for all types of floor constructions


Hot temperature supply range: 60°C – 85°C

Adjustable temperature range: 25°C – 60°C

Maximum supply pressure: 6 bar

Factory set temperature range: 45°C +/- 2°C

Temperature stability: +/- 2°C

Connections: Mixing valve inlets ¾” FBSP

Manifold connections 1″ MBSP